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Websites for social care in Olomouc Reg.

26 nextgen websites and our virtual tours for social care institutions in Olomouc Region. Plus one extra website with every other listed, so interested persons can find all they need at one place.

What do others think?

„On behalf of myself and my colleagues from the Department of Social Affairs of the Olomouc Region, I can say that the unification of the websites of contributory organizations in the social sector for the processing of virtual tours of individual facilities has been perceived very positively. The same feedback was received from individual representatives of the contributory organisations, who praised in particular the graphic design and accessibility for users of social services and their family“

Mgr. Pavel Podivínský

What do others think?

„We very much appreciate the flexibility with which you respond to the requirements of individual contributing organisations, as well as the cooperation with the Olomouc Region in the administration and updating of the signpost website.“

Mgr. Pavel Podivínský

The signpost links providers' websites

The new web service connects providers' websites, filtering them by focus, type and location.


2020 was a year of big changes

We created virtual tours for 26 social service facilities. These were then used extensively during the pandemic.

Take a look at a sample

What do others think?

„An unforgettable advantage of the mentioned websites is a clearly defined structure for all web pages, so whoever is looking for some information, for example terms of service, contacts - will always find them in the same places, which to a large extent saves time searching for specific information. In times of emergency, we appreciated the ability to place basic information for visits to residential facilities, which always appeared on the homepage.“

Mgr. Pavel Podivínský



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