Websites for a family wine seller Ševčík

We helped create a website network for wine stores Ševčík together with a new unforgettable brand. This included one mother webpage, eleven individual websites for each store. Each of those complemented with a virtual tour and brand new photographs.

We created the logo

We created a complete visual identity for Vinotéky Ševčík. Thanks to this, all branches are unified.

We carried out tours of stores

Thanks to the virtual tour, everyone can see the excellent selection of wines and the pleasant environment of the branches online.

Show the virtual tour

The signpost connects the client's branches

First, we created a signpost where visitors can choose the branch closest to their home.

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We created an internal section for the client

The client required an internal section within their website for their employees. This was not a big problem for our developers and we created this extension in a month.

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