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We create custom websites which sell. How?

While an average Czech adult uses a notebook or desktop computer to access websites, the younger generation mostly uses smartphones. We need to think about all this when preparing your website. So how exactly do we create websites in Virtual Visit?

Published 3. 8. 2021

First impression counts. Whether you meet a new person, buy a new car or visit a website... It's the first second during which our trust is decided. That's why it's vital to catch your website's visitor attention right away. Now or never. Do or die. How do we create websites which their visitors fell in love with on a first glance?

Design with the right feeling

Whether we like it or not, emotions play a main part in our lifes. A good feeling can be more persuasive than a handful of logical arguments. That's why we create visually appealing websites which stir the right emotions. We love great aesthetics and design which makes you feel good and helps you to promote your brand in the best possible way.

Visual harmony

Correct visual hierarchy, colour combination, contrast, font, symetry, understandable text... All these things decide about how a visitor behaves and feels on your website. The ideal scenario is when the design leads a visitor right where he needs to be. Less is more - too much information and options leads to analysis paralysis. It's much better to just show him one simple path.

Simple, functional, timeless

Creating websites, you have to be mindful about not making it too artsy. That can lead to a loss of function. Simplicity and intuitivity is the way to go. Unless you want to change the visual of your website each year, it's good to not fall for immediate trend and raher choose a timeless design. It will work for you as well as your visitors.

Bring people closer

People love authenticity. Give them a feeling that they've got it, play with their senses... And website visitors will soon become clients. How? Through a virtual tour! Our years of experience mean the visitors of our virtual tours feel as if they were on the spot. Plus, our virtual tours are interactive and visually adapted for your website. What more? We're professional photographers so not only will you get a virtual tour but also professional pictures which you can use either on the website or wherever you feel like.

Responsive and accesible

While an average Czech adult uses a notebook or desktop computer to access websites, the younger generation mostly uses smartphones. It's obvious this trend will further rise. We'll make sure the visitor of your website will have a great experience no matter what device they'll be using. Whether they are in an office with a notebook or they scroll on their smartphone in a public transport. And don't forget about people with disabilities. Our websites are fully accesible to people with hearing or vision impairment.

Easy editing and support

We all know that a completed website is not the end. Sometimes you need to update some info, add this, remove that... That's why we've created a simple mode for editing and a number of modules which are fully at your dispodal to customize your website whenever you feel like.

You'll also get: 

  • Introductory website editing course - so you can edit your way.
  • Administration documentation.
  • Support - our helpdesk will be open for you be it through email or phone.
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