The process behind creating a virtual tour

We have an experienced team that can create your very own unique virtual tour. How to prepare for the tour's photoshoot? Find out below!

Published 14. 7. 2021

You'll get your completed virtual tour in a range of 14 days up to a month. It depends on the level of difficulty, your requests and the size. The size means how many spots are we shooting. Then we'll need to know whether or not will we need a drone for aerial photographs. The creation of the tour has several steps.

How does the process look like? 


  1. First meeting
    During our first meeting we usually discuss with our clients the form of the presentation and the size. We're interested in hearing our client's goals and needs and what purpose should the virtual tour fulfill. Based on the size we work out the price range. We also chat about what are the individual elements we should add to the tour and what it should offer to their clients.
    Take a look at our virtual tours!
  2. The day of the photoshoot
    During this day we are already taking pictures and everyhing we need for your virtual tour. When it comes to exterior, the weather is quite important - if it's raining, it's possible to change the date. It's good to prepare a few things so everything goes smoothly.
    Have a list of spots you want to have pictured. Focus on spaces you want to present he most rather than hallways and empty rooms. Make sure hose spots are clean and shiny.
    If you want to have your employees or students present, make sure they are ready. Also, hink about what activity they could be doing.
  3. Organization of the tour
    As soon as we process the individual panoramas, we'll send you a draft of the tour, so we can talk about the order of the panoramas.
    We'll send you a spreadsheet where you can fill the names and order in the tour. We can also organize these into different circuits.
    We also provide a recommendation on the organization so your visitors don't get lost.
  4. The tour's interface
    Once we have the names and organization, we will send you a new version of the our with added interface including a map or floorplan of your location. Then we can further work on changes to functions or graphic and adding new elements.
    The sky is the limit!
  5. Commentary
    Our virtual tours are mostly accompanied by a voiced and written commentary. The commentary is recorded by professional actors in a recording studio.
    Each photographed spot needs from one to three sentences, which add to the overall informational value of the tour. Recording is up to us. However, you can choose which voice you'd like your tour to have.
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